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I am pleased that you participates in this course.
I have still some practical tips for you.

By clicking on the audio file you can listen online, but you can also download to your computer using the right part of the Maus.
The recordings are in MP3. If you have a music system that lets you use the stick, then you should load these audio files on a stick.
If you burn an "audio CD" with this audio files, then you need a CD for each program.
But you also have the option to burn a "data CD", then you can upload 12 programs on one CD.
This CD, however, you can only listen to it with a music system that recognizes MP3 files. Today almost all new devices recognize MP3 files.
If you listen to your programs while you drive your car, be careful not to go into meditation.
The best situation is, that you can follow the program in a situation of calm, sitting upright with eyes closed, to enter fully into your inner space.
Also starts to participate also in the chanting session. You will discover how the chant makes a great and good energy that helps you to enter in your inner space.
After the mantra chanting follows a meditation. During meditation there is a background sound, which is useful if in the environment around you there are noises, like people talking, televisions, cars, and so on.
In the event that the environment around you is quite calm, then you should also turn off the background sound.
During meditation you maintain a relaxed but upright position, sitting in a chair or on the floor.
During meditation, eyes closed, place your attention on your breath as it enters and exits.
Never fight against thoughts. Renounces simply to a conscious thought activity. To the thoughts that arise spontaneously do not give much attention, let they arrive and go as it is in their nature. Keep your attention, lightly and without effort, on your breath. To all other sensations, such as perception of the body, sounds, emotions, thought images, words that appear, stay in the position of a neutral and peaceful witness. Just give your attention again to the flow of your breath, lightly and without effort. In the seventh day program we will deal in more depth on the subject of meditation.
The course is structured logically, respect for this reason the sequence, following the path of the programs, from day 1 to day 2 to day 3 and so on.

In this course we discover our inner perfection, our pure consciousness, our being, and recognizing the fundamental nature of our mind, we stabilize us in free inner joy.

I wish you much success with this program.
Write your experience, I'll be pleased.
Best wishes.
Vincenzo Kavod Altepost


Vincenzo Kavod Altepost
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